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Why is the Outfall needed?
The Outfall is needed to relieve flooding pressure within the West Washington Park and South Broadway area during large storm events.  It will increase the capacity of the existing stormwater infrastructure for this portion of the City.  The Outfall will also facilitate future urban re-development in the Denver Design District General Development Plan Area.

What is an Outfall?
An Outfall is a structure, typically a pipe, that conveys storm water that is collected through inlets to natural water ways.

What is the size of the Outfall?
The Outfall is generally constructed of precast concrete, and has a total length of 4,000 linear feet and is an average depth of twenty feet deep. Precast concrete box sized range from 4’x8‘ to 10’x12’.

What is the design capacity of the Outfall?
The Outfall has been designed to carry 1250 cubic feet per second (CFS) and will accommodate at least 80 acres of future development as well as serving existing neighborhoods in this section of central Denver.

Who's Right-Of-Ways is the Outfall in?
The project extends through existing City right-of-ways on Virginia and Broadway. The current alignment of Dakota Ave. through the Broadway Marketplace will become City right-of-way at the completion of construction. The remaining alignments are through RTD, BNSF, Union Pacific, and CDOT right-of-ways

What is happening at the Broadway Market Place?
The Broadway Market Place is undergoing renovations to accommodate the new Outfall right-of-way. The existing stores will remain in place or will be temporarily closed for relocation in the same general vicinity.

Are there environmental concerns with the project?
There is the potential for coal based fill and petroleum (gas) contaminated soils along the alignment. There are no known hazardous materials nor are any anticipated to be present. All contaminated soils will be removed under the supervision of the City and County of Denver and Environmental Professionals.

How does the project help our community?
The project will provide flooding relief for local property owners, businesses, residents, vehicles and pedestrians during large storms. The project will also open the door for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) around the Alameda Lightrail Station. This redevelopment will allow for more local jobs and housing that are close to public transportation.  The project is also utilizing the Enhanced Training Opportunities and Workforce Initiative Now programs in order to provide training and assistance for existing and future construction workers in the community.

How is the project funded?  
Project funding is being provided by the City and County of Denver (Capital Improvements Fund, Wastewater Enterprise Fund, and Environmental Services Enterprise Fund) and the BMP Metropolitan District No. 1.

Is there a tunnel as part of this project?
There is a 384 foot tunnel under the railroad tracks and railroad right-of-ways. This tunnel is eight foot diameter and has reinforced concrete pipe to convey the storm water through this segment of the Outfall.

What is the Denver Design District General Development Plan? 
The Denver Design District General Development Plan is an approved planning and entitlement framework for development within the Denver Design District.  Please refer to http://www.denvergov.org/Planning/CompletedPlans/DenverDesignDistrictGDP/tabid/433040/Default.aspx, as well as www.d4urban.com .

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